Michelle Paltan is 5'2 true New Yorker living in Manhattan and soaking up every opportunity that this city has to offer. Originally a Long Island native, she always had her mind on the city and knew that one day she would call it home. 

She works as a full-time social media manager while also managing her blog, Soho Mini.  She gets to do what she loves 24/7 which makes it hard to stop working, but she's on a mission to share the things that she is truly passionate about. The idea to create this blog came in 2015 when she had been an intern and blog writer for College Fashionista.  After about a year of writing, she realized she had cultivated a following. Friends from her college asked her to keep writing about her style and fashion advice.  She knew that she loved to do this, but wasn't sure when it would be the right time or how to exactly start on her own.

Fast forward to now, her blog Soho Mini is dedicated to all things fashion but with a twist. After seeing tons of blogs telling you to buy clothes or shoes but never mentioning why or how to utilize them, she decided to answer this question. Soho Mini focuses on bringing fashion advice to each avenue of life but also give you the "why" behind each piece of clothing.  Sharing [petite] lifestyle tips, places to eat, and hang outs, she also shares her best fashion advice and purchases behind it all.  Keeping it reasonable, fun, stylish and above all honest, she'll always give you her most authentic self and try to add value to your own curated life. 


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