Gramercy's Eating Guide 2018

A guide to every food mood you may feel on the streets of Gramercy.


After officially living in Gramercy for a little over six months, this post has been way overdue. It’s been such an exciting time living here and to be honest, I may have to be ripped out of my apartment to ever leave.

It’s so convenient to many great areas in NYC, you can walk to Union Square, Flatiron District or the East Village in minutes. Some of these eating recommendations may cross over different areas, because there’s no “official” border of Gramercy. So if you’re going to be a super strict border patrol person then you may not like these recommendations. But oh well, here it is! Soho Mini’s first ever Gramercy Eating Guide, 2018.

Let’s start with an obvious one… brunch.

  1. Almond - technically considered Flatiron, Almond has a location in NYC and Bridgehampton. An American bistro with a French Cuisine twist, my favorite thing on brunch menu is of course a drink, the Almond Fig Royale.

  2. The House - a restored carriage house from 1854, has the cutest setting for a brunch for two. If you’re not trying to break the bank but have a nice NYC brunch experience in the heart of Gramercy this would be it.

  3. abcv - the ultimate Instagram if you’re looking for one. All vegan, but still delicious. Their brunch bowl section makes me drool.

  4. Maialino - for those who want to be boujee. Located at the Gramercy Park Hotel, they have a delicious selection of pastries, classics, and main dishes available while sitting right across from Gramercy Park. The ambiance is 10/10.

For a coffee and a quick bite.

  1. Think Coffee - This was the first place my parents and I went to in Gramercy because it was pouring rain and we needed lunch. To our surprise, some of the best coffee (they have oat milk) and snacks and bites to hold us over.

  2. Citizens of Gramercy - Fairly new, but again a very instagramable Australian coffee shop. The menu has something for everyone and soon to come a very desirable drink menu for those who may want more than coffee.

  3. Irving Farm Coffee Roasters - For those who like sustainable things. Their first location is the Gramercy location (vintage!), with plenty of types of coffee that they roast themselves. I can smell it already.

  4. Gramercy Bagels - Looking for the classic BEC with a hot coffee? This is my go-to. My order: Egg bagel scooped out with eggs over medium and tofu veggie cream cheese and a small hot coffee on the side. #HighMaintenance

My favorite category, date night.

  1. Gramercy Tavern - This is on Jordan and I’s list. It’s definitely four dollar signs but if you’re looking for a one of a kind experience, multiple people have told us it is the best restaurant they have ever been to in NYC. And that’s a BIG statement to claim here.

  2. Union Square Cafe - on accident we ended up eating here on my birthday this year and it was the best accident of my life. Everything that we ate was amazing, including Jordan’s burger that I had to have a bite of.

  3. Javelina - Tucked away in Gramercy Park, this tex-mex restaurant is to die for. I’ve grown pretty tired of Mexican because so many places do it now and it’s just okay. But this takes to another level, do yourself a favor and order the “Mag Mud.”

  4. Ichabod’s - Something about the name, I’m obsessed with this story, but it’s just a cool place to be at. The food and drinks being great are just a plus. It has a super cozy atmosphere and next door has a great bar called Headless Horseman.

Sweet treats and late night bites.

  1. Follia - Brick oven pizza that tastes amazing. Jordan and I have sat at the bar and enjoyed an entire pie with sausage on top and a drink. Perfect way to end the night to me!

  2. Milk Bar - This is technically considered “East Village” but it’s a short walk away from where we live. Which is a good and bad thing. Don’t want to admit how many times we’ve been there but what gives it away is that we have basically tried everything on the menu. Can’t go wrong with classic Cereal and Milk.

  3. Max Brenner Chocolate Bar - Because who doesn’t love chocolate? This is a classic chocolate bar that would make a great stop for a gift or for just yourself. Willy Wonka would be proud.

  4. Taco Electrico - Located underneath the W Hotel, this is more of a late night spot for drinks but they do have very good guac that you can order at the bar. Good drinks + food is a double win to me. Also, the DJ they have at night kills it!

Comment below if you have been to any of these places or have new ones to suggest that didn’t make the list. I love learning about new spots and checking them out for you.

xox Soho Mini