Good (Healthy) Food Helped Me Stay Sober

The other alternate title was "How To Not Drink For a Month and Like It" but it didn't have the same ring to it.

The boyfriend (Jordan) and I decided to cold turkey not drink any alcohol for a month.  Yup, in the middle of the summer where there are tons are barbecues and everyone "cracking a cold one" and drinking piña coladas and getting caught in that damn rain. Why? We wanted to see if we could actually do it, save money, be healthier, and do something different on the weekends. Well we did it, and while some moments weren't ideal to not have a drink in hand...we actually enjoyed it (or at least I did). 

What does this have to do with Bodega on Central in St. Petersburg, FL? Well besides the fact that they are located in a prime spot in downtown and have a cozy, inviting store front, they also have delicious Latin inspired cuisine with Vegan and Vegetarian options which are rare to find in combination with Latin foods.  They make their own smoothies and soda frescas that are amazing and for me are a deal breaker because latin cuisine + smoothies??? I'm in heaven. 

Being sober wasn't as hard as people made it sound.  

My first week and second week we're pretty normal, I've been working non stop on some social media projects, pageant organizing (I will talk about this in a separate post soon), and my blog so I was BUSY. Too busy to really think about if I was missing something by not going to grab a drink after work or on weekends.  Which if you are planning stop drinking, I would start during a busy time for yourself or one where you'll have alternate hobbies to not make it seem as weird.  It started to not feel weird at all, but other things in my life started changing...

People asked me if my mood changed? Nope. Although, I'm sure this is the case for some people.  People asked me if I had more energy? Not particularly.  I am a pretty avid fitness junkie and I eat a moderately healthy diet except on the weekends (#treatyoself) so my energy is pretty good already.  But I realized I started to have a hard time relaxing, in a good way! I wanted to go out walking or stay moving around.  Laying on the couch began to bother me a bit and I felt better knowing I was doing something productive--which hey, isn't a bad problem to have.  I also realized if I ever "treated myself" too much or ate something really out of character for my normal diet, I would feel it instantly.  My guess is because my body had been "detoxed" and now not so healthy food would hit me faster and harder, so it reinforced the notion to eat healthy even more.

By the third week, I actually got to enjoy myself for part of the weekend. Jordan and I went to Downtown St. Petersburg because I had really wanted to experience everything at Bodega (beyond the yummy smoothies which I usually get) and we had ourselves a day.  I ordered the Pollo Asado which had coconut marinated chicken, mango mayo, avocado & fresnos in a pressed cuban bread sandwich.  He got the Cuban which is a favorite at this place, and of course we had to get a dessert so we tried the guava and cheese pastelitos. Jordan got a smoothie and I got a soda fresca (I hate soda, but this looked to good to pass on) and it was hibiscus berry, which was nothing short of amazing.  You can check out the rest of their menu here.

After eating all of that,  we decided to walk around the historic art district that Bodega on Central is located in.  It has lots of cool murals so it's perfect for a new insta and tons of boutiques and shops.  I would dress casual, a good outfit would be a mini dress and a pair of comfortable walking shoes like sneakers or sandals. Or even a pair of skinny jeans and a button-down shirt, depending on hot it is.  I decided to go with a jean button down a-line skirt and a cropped bubble top with my Steve Madden sandals.  

My look:

1. Jean button-down a-line skirt

2. Cropped bubble top

3. Sandals

I hope this gives you some insight on trying new things and going out of your comfort zone! Exploring different things to do was the most fun part of this experiment and I would do it again, however I missed my rosé dearly.