How To Spend Valentine's Day in New York City

This all started when Jordan and I have been trying to decide what we wanted to do for Valentine’s day…a month ago.

And of course, once my mind starts ‘planning,’ I start to think about all the different options that are available to me in this big city. There are tons of restaurants here that could make the perfect date night setting, but you could do that any day of the week here. Since this is Jordan and I’s fifth time celebrating, I wanted to do something different.

Here are some of my favorite ideas that I’ve come up with so far, most have to do with food which is why I am adding it to this section of my blog.

1. Pizza and a comedy show.

There are so many great comedy bars in NYC and it’s something we haven’t crossed off our list yet. To be honest, this is the best low key Valentine’s day idea that I think I have ever had. One of my favorite pizza places in the city is Alla Pala Pizza. It’s perfect because you can grab a slice and a glass of wine before heading to a show.

2. Try a cool cocktail lounge.

I think I’m into the chill vibes this year but this idea I really like because it gives us a reason to go to a bar that we would never go to on a typical night out…unless you really felt like spending $18 per drink. But for special occasions, it adds a nice twist. There are SO many craft cocktail bars (even the #1 bar in the world is here) but here are some that are on my list/are my favorite: The Rose Bar, The Lobby Bar, or the Brandy Library to name a few.

3. Find a new restaurant (that’s new to you both).

This might be obvious…but I think going on a date night where neither of us have been there is really exciting. We’re making new memories (hopefully good ones) and we get to check out a little more of our city. It’s true that you could probably go to a new restaurant every night of the week here and never repeat the same one. But think about it, how often do you try something new? Do some research and find a cute, Instagrammable spot that both of you will enjoy. Even though these aren’t new for me, they may be for you! These are some great places where I’ve had some unforgettable nights with J: Kyma, Mermaid Oyster Bar, Sevilla Restaurant and so many more.

4. Museum for two + food.

An excuse to actually do something productive and fun with your significant other! I love love love this. The Guggenheim, the Metropolitan, MoMa, the Whitney (which right now is displaying an Andy Warhol exhibit) are just some places you can explore with your SO. This can be fancy or laid back depending on how you want to do it, but try to grab a bite to eat before and then walk off the meal after so no one is hangry.

5. Take a Cooking Class.

What better place to take a cooking class than a city filled with every cuisine you can think of? We have always talked about doing a class because we both love cooking and food. For this I’m going to have to shout out Eataly again because I have heard great things about their classes at La Scuola. For something sweet or those who like to bake, Milk Bar is amazing for that. Lastly, for the cocktail lovers (yes I will count this as cooking), try Apothéke Academy.

Do we know what we’re doing yet? No. But hopefully, now you do! Let me know in the comments which you want to try out.

xox Soho Mini