Restaurants That Make You Feel at Home: Toast Coffeehouse


Make your future brunch plans for this weekend. 

But make them early because a wait for this place at prime brunch time can be long. While they do a good job at letting you know once your table is ready, the want for Toast has grown so much that they now have two locations in Port Jefferson and Patchogue, and working on a third in Bayshore, NY.

Let me back it up over a decade ago...

When this place first opened, I was around eight or nine years old when this small (it was half the size then) breakfast, lunch & coffeeshop opened in Port Jefferson. It became TRADITION to go almost every other weekend after religion or dance classes.  My favorite thing about this restaurant even then, was not just the food and hot chocolate but the local art that changed every time we came to eat.  It was always memorizing and inspiring to see so much local talent around while eating great food with great friends and family.  It's that cozy place on the corner that you'll just want to keep coming back to more and more.

Now that I'm a much more of a coffee addict than I was when I was eight, I try a new latte every time I am there. Since it is the height of fall in Long Island, it only felt right to order a Apple Cider Donut Latte. Yep--that's real, and every sip felt like I was drinking fall.  I wish I could say I am as daring with my choices when it comes to the food, but I order the same thing every time.  The Gringo Burrito, and to my knowledge has been on the menu since they opened, is a must have for me.  This time I did try something new to write this post, so we tried the Domingo Burrito and my sister had the Breakfast Quesadilla. No surprise that they were both amazing.

This season makes me extra nostalgic of this place because the weather is cool enough where you can walk around the Village of Port Jefferson or Patchogue while you wait or after you're really full and feel like you need unbutton your pants. And who doesn't love showing off their fall outfits? I'll admit it, I'm that person.


The Cozy Brunch Outfit:

  • Button-Down Shirt - Easy to wear and layer with, a button-down shirt is a classy staple that makes you look put together.  If the weather was a bit cooler, I would of layered with a cardigan or leather jacket.
  • Straight Jeans - Mine in this picture are BDG and they are perfect because they are loose fitting and don't make me feel like I can't breathe after brunch.  I like to roll the bottoms up to create some space between my boots and they make my legs look elongated. #miniproblems
  • Booties - Yes, you need them.  I would even say it's okay to splurge on a couple different pairs because they are a fall necessity and go with many winter AND summer outfits depending on the occasion.  They also dress up an outfit to make it more suitable for brunch attire.  I love to get mine from Nordstrom Rack, they have tons of quality brands for a VERY good price.  

See you soon for latte's, mimosas, and whatever your tummy desires. 

xox Soho Mini