Skincare Routine Roundup For May

My Latest Skincare Routine - May 2018


Disclaimer: I'm not a beauty blogger...

...but I do get the compliment of having nice skin often.  To be completely honest, I rarely have skin issues, but I think there may be a couple reasons for it that I'll describe below (and it's not good genes).  I started to think about this as I was in need of new skincare products and wanted to try some new things. I didn't have a great idea of where to start because I never had someone go over my skin problems or how I could enhance my skin more. 

I decided to give my skin a break for about a month before I purchased anything new and used the scrapings of whatever products I had left.  This meant using little to no skincare products on my face to see how it really reacted to the elements.  Since I was about 12 years old, my mom insisted on me having a regimented skin care routine of using a cleanser, toner, and a moisturizer. Even though I hated it, I got into the routine and continued with it since then.  She definitely was on to something because my mother, who also has great skin, follows the same routine too and it is what has made my skin look decent thus far.

When I went to Sephora to get another opinion on what I needed, the women noticed I had dry parts to my face and needed to exfoliate to help my blackheads and pores. I did have an inkling of these issues, but now I knew for sure and went to tackle them with a couple products that I did some research on.

My Routine:


I use Bioderma Cleanser in the shower or in the morning to clean off my face. I then use the Fresh Beauty Rose Toner on my face and it is actually moisturizing where I feel like a lot of toner's can be stripping.  Then I use the Glam Glow Glowstarter and finish with Supergoop! Moisturizer that has SPF (so so so important). I finish with this with my Too Faced Hangover 2 in 1 setting spray if I'm wearing makeup. 


Take off my eye makeup with Lancome Bi-Facil Makeup Remover and wash my face to take off any face makeup.  Then I repeat the steps of using my toner and use my Glossier Priming Moisturizer Rich. Once or twice a week I will add a mask (I like the Origins Texturing Mask) and the Lancome Advanced Genefique Anti-Aging Syrum.  

I have put links below where you can shop all of these products. 

I'm sure this routine can be improved but these are what I consider the basics of skin care. You should at least be wearing a moisturizer with SPF and using a cleanser/toner daily. 

Comment some products that you think I should try below on this post!