Out East Doesn't End In The Summer


Don't panic.  You can still get your wine tasting after Labor Day.

The out east forks of Long Island are most well known for the wineries, beaches, and great outside bars and clubs to go out in the Summer. But the fun doesn't have to end with that season, there's actually plenty of things to drink, eat and see during the Fall too. For those who want to do all the Fall festivities it's best to meet at...

Harbes Farm.  The farm you didn't know you needed in your life.

This is your one stop shop for Fall fun for the young or old and has more than one location but the one I recommend out of the three main farms is the Harbes Orchard Farm. If you're looking to go pumpkin picking, apple picking, or drink wine while doing both, you can do it here.  

It has all the goods you would want to have a great time with friends, family, kids, or just you and your significant other.  Fresh apple cider donuts, food trucks, music and of course, the awesome weather that this time of year brings...except for the one weekend I chose to go it decided to heavily mist the whole time we were there.  I still had a blast and thought it would be best to share with you all despite my hair dilemma I was having. 

The prices can range from $8 a person to just do apple picking or if you want to do the hay ride, corn maze, and whole shebang it's $17 a person. Glasses of wine range from about $8-14 a glass and food is around the same prices.  I say not bad of a deal for a great experience when in out east Long Island! 

Outfits for the picking:

  • This really depends on if it's raining or not before hand, but cute ankle booties are such a comfortable and safe shoe when talking about fall and winter outfits for almost all occasions.  I got unlucky because of the mist, but if it's sunny for you I would go with a pair like this.  Bad weather, stick with rain boots (cute ones of course). 
  • There's usually a light breeze during the fall, however all the work of carrying a glass of wine AND holding a bag of apples can work up a sweat.  That's why layering, for example with a long cardigan, is key.  Go with one that has a nice knitted detailing to it and is a neutral white, tan or beige so it can be worn with anything! Mine is from LF but here is a nice one from Anthropologie.
  • I decided to go with an a-line button down skirt from Forever 21 and a crew-neck tee from J. Crew.  If you want a look that's more casual, just switch out the skirt for a pair of straight or skinny jeans and you're good to go.

BTW--don't hesitate to stop at some of the restaurants, cafes, and farm stands on your way there as well! If you come during November (before Thanksgiving) you must stop at Briermere Farms for their pies. Your thanksgiving traditions will be forever changed, and you're welcome. 

Also, can it be Fall forever?

- xox Soho Mini