Southampton, NY

Where To Meet:  Southampton, NY

Personally, what I believe is the best destination out east.

Jobs Lane Gastro Pub  - Burrata with Figs 

Jobs Lane Gastro Pub - Burrata with Figs 

It's no surprise that the Hamptons are the place to be, especially in New York at this time of year.  But, if you're a stranger to the east end of Long Island, going to the Hamptons is pretty vague. Especially since the Hamptons are a combination of towns and villages and some might even consider Montauk, to be part of the bougie lifestyle as well.  

Believe it or not, you don't have to be a real house wife or a celebrity to have a nice day out in Southampton.  It's one of the many reasons it is my favorite place to go out east. You can spend most of the day going into different boutiques while enjoying the most picturesque spots (as noted from our little photoshoot next to Ralph Lauren , you can thank me later) in the village and of course, the perfect foodie restaurants to get the full millennial experience.  Tons of avocado toast and burrata. 

Doesn't really matter the occasion or who you're with, it's enjoyable for everyone, there's even a park with a farmers market on Sundays.  Some rosé and a nice paycheck before (in case you feel like shopping) make this an even better experience.  You can still enjoy yourself without those things, however I would wear one of those outfits you've "been saving" and put it to good use since you'll spend at least a couple hours there. 

How to Southampton:

  • To Eat
    • Jobs Lane Gastro Pub - A TON of outside seating and amazing appetizers and drinks
    • Sant Ambroeus - Not their only location, but they have the cutest alley to sit in so you can really feel like you're having lunch in Paris and all the foodie vibes
    • Sugarfina - For something sweet and cute, they have their pop-up store which I hope is permanent
  • To Meet
    • Southampton Publick House - Your neighborhood bar with great outdoor live music, you won't be disappointed and it's not as stuffy as some of the other restaurants and night life places are out here
    • Southampton Social Club - Fine dine, hang out with friends, or party the night away. Yep, you can do all three of these things in one place.  If you can, I highly recommend making this part of your night if you can.
    • AM Southampton - Used to be 1 OAK, now is the new night club spot and definitely a place to go if you can make it out late night.

My outfit and usually my go-to for a day where I'm out and about is usually a jumpsuit, but this Free People jumpsuit is extra special to me.  Not only have I worn it for MANY occasions this summer, but it is like wearing pajamas!  So soft, comfortable and really easy to accessorize.  

Hoping that I'm enlightening you in time for labor day weekend, if you get to be on Long Island this holiday consider yourself lucky.  There's just no place like it between the summer and fall. 

- xox Soho Mini