Summer in the Village of Sag Harbor

Outfit details at end of post.

Outfit details at end of post.

If you couldn't tell by my Instagram, Long Island is truly my favorite place to be in the Summer and Fall. 

Growing up, I didn't realize how amazing it was to be surrounded by the best of both worlds. The city and the peaceful out east of the island are both just a train or car ride away. What made me appreciate where I'm from was going away to college and coming home during breaks to see it all in such a new way.

Now that I'm a more permanent resident of NY, I like to explore every time I'm out in Long Island and I decided to take a day trip with Jordan to Sag Harbor. 

This day was a bit cloudy and rainy, but it didn't even matter to us. It's the most picturesque town with so many shops, eats, and places to drink (my favorite) lol! Here it goes, my top Sag Harbor picks:

1. The Shops

  • Satori Sag Harbor - The most amazing boutique you could hope to run into on your first trip to a new town. They carry tons of great brands and you can tell the owner puts so much thought into curating her racks. I, of course, did not last 5 minutes and ended up purchasing my straw handbag by Sea & Grass
  • Love Shack Fancy - Not going to lie, I was on a mission to stop at this store once I heard it opened in Sag Harbor. It's just as magical as I thought it would be. I didn't leave with anything at the time, but I fell in love with a dress there that I now will be wearing for a wedding next week.
Hand-woven Straw Bag from Sea & Grass at Satori, Sag Harbor. 

Hand-woven Straw Bag from Sea & Grass at Satori, Sag Harbor. 

2. The Eats

  • Dockside Bar & Grill - We stopped for appetizers at this place because it had the best view of the water and outdoor seating. We ordered the mussels and calamari and enjoyed a glass of Rosé. There's really not a better afternoon than that to me as I'm a huge seafood lover. 
  • Tutto Il Giorno - More upscale than Dockside, but the food and drinks are delicious. It's also another picture perfect Instagram location. They have other locations in the city, but I think this may be my favorite location so far.
Dockside Bar & Grill 

Dockside Bar & Grill 

3. The Drinks

  • Murf's Tavern - The classic dive bar and you can tell is loved in the neighbor, especially for being in the Hamptons. They don't even have a website (that I can find), that's how you know its real.
  • The Corner Bar - I love a good pub. This one is it! They have food (that's good) which is a plus and a happy hour from 4 to 6 PM. Consider myself sold. 

This is a quick and easy guide to the village, but there is much more to be explored! 

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