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Where To Meet: Oxford Exchange 

and a style lesson on the side.


Denim Shirt -  Bar III  Perfume -  Chanel  Bralette -  For Love & Lemons

Denim Shirt - Bar III Perfume - Chanel Bralette - For Love & Lemons

If you've never heard of Oxford Exchange, you probably have yet to join the Instagram world.  I say this because it is one of the most photogenic places (and a blogger's dream) that exists in the US. Everytime I am in Tampa, it's a must stop for me.  From the shopping, the food, coffee and tea options, and even the Warby Parker Boutique inside, it's a gold mine for the quintessential style-driven female.

Although this place may be only in Tampa, there are many community driven restaurants and food halls popping up more and more.  Urging people to be dressed for multiple occasions in one venue.  We're going to stick with a casual style look (although if invited to a more formal event, this attire isn't appropriate) because more than likely you'll come browse through the store, get some work done and get a coffee, or even sit down for lunch. And that can be hard to dress for.

I find that many people tend to focus on trends and how to achieve them, but that can run your wallet dry if you keep following that route. That's not to say I don't ever purchase a trendy item (believe me, I do) but I think long and hard on how long I will get value out of it before I swipe.  So I thought I would make this post focused on items you'll keep in your closet forever.

Classic Items You'll Always Need:

  • A Denim Shirt:  The possibilities are endless! I've had mine since freshman year of college, no joke.  One of the best purchases (and smarter purchases) I've made to date.  It looks good tucked in to almost any bottom, tied up, worn regularly, or even as a layering piece over a top. 
  • A Bralette:  You need one, especially for shirts that you don't need or feel like wearing a bra with.  I would say stick to the neutral/go-with-everything colors for this:  white, nude, grey, or black.  I have one in all four, just in case.  
  • A leather belt:  Good for styling, I have mine here tied.  You'll want real leather, so it's durable and good quality to last you for a while. Mine is from J. Crew.

In the photo below, I styled all of this together with high-waisted shorts, but I could have went with many other options because of how versatile these pieces are.  If you want to learn more about how to shop more effectively and get the only closet pieces you'll ever need, look into Epytom.  They're the first ever Fashion AI Assistant and interact with you through with FB Messenger, which is pretty cool.  They'll help you narrow down a closet that is worthy of a high-fashion icon and save money. 

To shopping and meeting better, 

xox - Soho Mini

Photography by:  Joseph Franzese 

Photography by:  Joseph Franzese