Buddy Brew Coffee Shop

Photo by:  Cassaundra Palmer

Photo by:  Cassaundra Palmer

Ever feel right at home upon entering somewhere that isn't your home?  That's what Buddy Brew Coffee feels like to me.  

I discovered this majestic, cozy, right-at-home cafe when I was in my senior year of college.  At first I would come to just blow off steam and sit there while drinking the best almond milk latte's in Tampa.  I then realized how much I loved working on school projects, real work (once I got a full-time job) and I didn't have to be at the office, or working on this blog within this place.  

This is a great place for collaboration on your next big idea, getting through endless hours of work (I have literally sat there for 4 hours at a time), and getting the cutest brunch if you are with coffee snobs.  

Things you must order if you're trying to accomplish life:

  • Iced Cold Brew:  will get you through about 2 hours of work .
  • Pour Overs:  they give you small coffee pot of get shit done! This is for those days you left everything to the last minute and it's all due tomorrow.  
  • My new favorite:  Iced Cappuccino with Soy Milk (asked for it to be drained over ice...life changing).

And, you MUST pair the amazing coffee with their small, but everything you need brunch/lunch menu.

Menu Favorites:

  • Avocado Toast.  Not only basic, but delicious. Make sure you add two poached eggs.  You will not regret it.
  • Peanut Butter Pesto Panini (as pictured) so amazing. 

Be sure to note that not all Buddy Brew locations have the same food offering's so make sure you go to the W Kennedy location if you are in Tampa.  

Things that are acceptable to wear:

  • I hate when people say "anything goes" (what does that really mean?) but really it does. Not saying to come here super formal like you would be going to a rooftop brunch, but if you we're in a maxi dress or a midi dress you would be okay.
  • I like to wear something comfortable, that I wouldn't mind sitting in for a couple hours because I often do my work here.  Pictured I am wearing overalls, crop top, and strappy sandals.  

Let me know if you are ever in Tampa and get to enjoy this amazing coffee! Don't forget to comment, make suggestions, or ask questions below!

- xox @sohomini