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Midi's For Mini's

Midi Dress - Haden Reid Boutique | Photo By -  Joseph Franzese

Midi Dress - Haden Reid Boutique | Photo By - Joseph Franzese

For those who do not know, I'm from a smaller town from Long Island, NY.  Growing up, it was sometimes easier to go to small shops and boutiques than going to the mall with huge lines and no parking.  In one of my summers home from college, I got to experience working in a boutique. I saw the thought, care, and hard work that went into curating clothing racks for customers to shop from.  So when I see a good curated store, I have to give them tons of credit.

If you haven't realized in the name of my blog (Soho Mini), I'm about 5'2 and some clothing options for me are little harder to shop for and make work on my mini-self.  When I was shopping at Haden Reid boutique in Tampa, I came at a good time when they were having an awesome sale! But beyond that lucky coincidence, I could tell that most of the pieces were quality designers (another bonus to shopping at boutiques) and you were getting your money's worth. 

I found a halter striped midi dress from STARK X.  First thing to look for when you're shorter, is the length of the dress and if it will give you the illusion to be taller. Don't get me wrong, I love my height.  But, some styles such as the midi dress, can make me look a little stout.  I love this midi dress because it is shorter in the front and long in the back, giving me an elongated look.  If it were one length, like many are, it wouldn't be as flattering on me.  

I didn't even have to try it on to know that I was going to love this outfit, the material was so soft and the loose fitting style meant you could definitely wear this to dinner and not worry about your food baby showing.  I paired it with my favorite shoes this summer, my Vince Camuto Karini Perforated Bootie and my chain strap bag from Rebecca Minkoff, which I suggest everyone have at least one of those in your wardrobe. You can easily dress this style up or down, it's perfect for a lunch or brunch with the girls, a walk on the beach with sandals, or a nice vacation dinner outfit. 

Photo By -  Joseph Franzese

Photo By - Joseph Franzese

Maxi's For the Summer

Maxi -  Shop Lady Duke  | Photo By - Cassaundra Palmer

Maxi - Shop Lady Duke | Photo By - Cassaundra Palmer

Trying to not freak out that this is my first blog post, but I am so ready to talk outfits and anything fashion related.  Little intro about me:  I'm 23 years old, coffee obsessed, obviously infatuated with all things fashion, and have a serious love for dogs.  

I graduated from the University of Tampa with a degree in Advertising and Public Relations with a dream to make it in the fashion industry.  Although I am currently a social media manager for a restaurant group, I do social media consulting on the side and know one day that fashion will evidently be my focus of my career at some point...(maybe through this blog!) 

Currently in Tampa, the weather is humid 100% of the time (and mostly throughout the year) but it is extra hot in the summer which makes choosing an outfit a little more difficult--hello sweat stains.  For a lunch outing at GrillSmith with my awesome photographer, I decided to wear this gorgeous olive green maxi  from Shop Lady Duke.  The material is light and doesn't weigh you down, especially in the heat.  

I styled this dress with a lariat that I cannot remember where it is from, but you can get a similar one from Vrai & Oro  or for a similar style but on the lower price end try this one from Shop Bop. For shoes, I feel this is the part that either dresses it up or down so it is really your choice.  My occasion was a bit casual so I went with my go to Steve Madden sandals that I've been living in this Summer.  If you wanted a more dressy look, don't be afraid to throw your favorite pair of wedges or heels on!

Please leave questions, comments, or suggestions! I would love to read them and learn what my readers want to know more about.

xox - @sohomini