10 Ethical Fashion Brands I'm Into

Because you should give a crap about something in your life that isn’t about you.

Newsflash: for those that don’t already know I’m in love fashion, clothes, designers, shoes, you name it hence why I have a fashion-lifestyle blog. I’m always down to check out a new store or brand that I’ve never heard of. Since l’ve been learning more and more about this industry as I have grown, I now try to be very conscious about the designers I choose to invest in and support on my blog. Because of this, people assume I spend a ridiculous amount of money on what I wear or that I only post pricier things, and at first glance I could see why someone would think that.

I would consider myself fast-fashion conscious, and to be conscious of this, doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to do so. I promise…there’s life beyond the racks at Zara. There was a time where in my life where I chose to get the cheapest version of whatever I was envisioning for my outfit. I would always get a new outfit for the next “event” that was going on in my life (aka happy hours and brunches). And if there was a way I could spend $40 or less on my outfit, I was on it.

There were two moments in my life that made me reconsider where I was shopping and what my responsibility was in promoting certain brands. The first was when I visited a museum in Barcelona that had a photo of the Rana Plaza Building Collapse and the second was when I worked for a Capsule Wardrobe company that made understand what real fashion necessities were. Many of things that I was purchasing were very fast-fashion and trends that would be out of season shortly. I most likely would never wear any of it again because of that.

I try my best to choose ethical and sustainable brands to invest in and promote. Truth be told, this has actually saved me money because ethical brands/purchase choices tend to be higher quality and more evergreen pieces in my closet so that I don’t have to shop as frequently. I’m not perfect and I haven’t done away with all my fast-fashion pieces—because that would just add to the huge waste problem that a lot of these brands are contributing to. But I’m being mindful, and I encourage you all to do that same and do your research!

  1. Your local vintage shop. A few of my favorites in NYC are: Buffalo Exchange, Artist & Fleas, City Opera Thrift Shop and there are even more that I have yet to discover. This should always be your first choice, you would be shocked at how many things still have tags on them not even worn!

  2. The Real Real. This is basically like consignment but at your finger tips (aka via online). I love searching for designer pieces on here because they are usually discounted and they have more current seasons available.

  3. Everlane. When people ask me “where can I get clothes for work,” this is always my answer. Everlane chooses to work with the most ethical factories and only source the highest quality of material for your clothes. Which to me, makes this the perfect place to stock up on work outfits because you’ll be wearing them super often.

  4. Amour Vert. This is where I learned that the fashion industry is one of the top polluters in the world. We need to change that! They plant trees for every tee they sell and focus on precise production which is super important to not creating fashion waste.

  5. Reformation. A long time favorite of mine. Their collections are usually very effortless chic and I find that much of what I buy there is easily repurposed. What I mean by that is that I can buy one thing there and create multiple outfits just based off that one piece. Love love love.

  6. Nineh. I learned of this NYC brand from my Instagram friend Diandra Marizet. Super knowledgable in the sustainable, conscious consumption space. I saw her model for this brand and instantly fell in love. Their designs are gorgeous and of course, this brand is focused on s l o w f a s h i o n.

  7. Shop Endless Summer. I’m not 100% on how sustainable or ethical this brand is but I wanted to mention them because 1. I love their pieces and think that a lot of you will love it too and 2. they donate a portion to their proceeds to ASPCA. AT THE MINIMUM, if you can’t stick to being a more conscious consumer, think about how your dollar could impact others (for the good). It really means a lot to me when fashion brands can help out others (especially animals).

  8. Naadam. I’ve probably said this a million times but I love this brand for so many reasons. The main one being that they create sustainable, ethically made, cashmere for a very good price point. I have lived in my $75 sweater this entire Winter!

  9. ALIX NYC. They’re local to NYC and my favorite thing is to support local brands. They have redefined the bodysuit by focusing on making them layering pieces that you can have for multi-use in your wardrobe. I find that we need more brands that are focused on creating the perfect pieces rather than just pumping out trendy crap that you will eventually donate or throw out.

  10. FAE Swimwear. Last but not least, everyone needs the option of a sustainable swimwear brand. They make cute and classic swimwear designs that focus on being more eco-friendly.

It’s pretty easy, if something like a shirt or jacket is only $10. You should ask…why? How did the person that made this jacket get paid? What’s the material made of? How else is this effecting the world besides me getting a new jacket that I probably won’t keep forever? It’s like making the difference of choosing to recycle your bottles when you’re about to throw them in the trash. It takes one second to make a better choice.