A Dress Made For Mini

My First Custom-Made Experience

Photo By:  Ilana Strauss  | Make Up By:  Cailyn Jordan  | Booties:  Marc Fisher  | Earrings:  Bauble Bar

Photo By: Ilana Strauss | Make Up By: Cailyn Jordan | Booties: Marc Fisher | Earrings: Bauble Bar

I’m short. It’s a topic I speak a lot about on my blog and is something that is a focus for me anad my blog because I’m not a cookie-cutter girl that can fit into whatever I find on the rack. I’ve talked about many tips and tricks in my past posts about how I can sift through brands and designers to find something that will make me happy but I won’t lie, it gets old.

One thing that has always been a secret wish of mine was that I wish I was the designer. Sometimes, no matter how good you get at finding things that are some-what “you” on the rack or online, you get tired of searching. I know this holds true for me because I’ll go shopping with an exact picture in my head of what I want, something I’ve created or pulled inspiration from another look I’ve seen. But when I go to try on a piece that I think might be it…I’m usually let down. It’s either too long, too frumpy, too loose etc. I could go on, mainly because everything is made for a 5’8 girl and I’m 5’2.

The only option left is having something custom-made to take the guess work out of it and the actual leg work of going shopping or searching online only to find something Id be half happy with. But do I actually have the money for that? Let’s be real, it sounds expensive, it is usually expensive, and it’s hard to find on your own so more than likely, not an option for me.

But just like a quintessential fashion fairytale, I was approached by Maison Me who taught me this can be an affordable, sustainable, and ethical process. ALL my preconceived notions about having something custom tailored to me like this beautiful peach-pink silk dress, went out the window. The best part about it all was that it was super easy, and I didn’t even have to walk to a seamstress, store, or search endlessly online. I was able to start the process right from my own apartment which is a huge plus in NYC. My favorite part about the whole process is that I get to help design the dress I want made with quality materials and by a team that is getting paid fairly which means a lot to me.

About The Process

  1. I filled out a survey through their website that took 5-10 minutes. They ask you basic questions about your style, color scheme preference and so on. They’ll send you a sketch 48 hours later of the dress that will be made just for you!

  2. You schedule a Skype session with the person who will be designing your dress which I thought was the coolest part. Make sure you have a sewing ruler that you can use to measure parts of your body and where something that will allow you to get the exact measurements, aka nothing too bulky or loose.

  3. In about 2 weeks time, you’ll receive your dress! If you like it, you can keep it and pay for it or send it back if you don’t where they will donate it, which is awesome. You can even send it back for some alternations if you do like but need something fixed.

Honestly, it was such a cool experience to create something that I wanted and helped design. I have been looking for a silk wrap dress for a while and couldn’t find something that was the exact length like this dress.

Trying it on and then being able to do the shoot for this dress, I felt so confident about myself and didn’t feel like I was trying to wear something that wasn’t meant for me. This usually happens when I wear full length dresses and I can’t get them altered soon enough.

I recommend Maison Me 100% and if you’re interested in trying this out for yourself, make sure you use my link, their website explains even more about all the benefits you’ll get in using this service: maison.me/?ref=sohomini

Prepare to be seeing more outfits from this dress as I’ll be able to wear this with pumps for a date night or sneakers and a leather jacket for something more cool and casual this Fall. I’m so excited!

Leave a comment below if you think you would try this or have any questions!

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