Soho Mini's Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Cue Mariah Carey's voice on repeat while shopping.

There is just one thing you need and it's to use this gift guide to help you navigate towards the perfect gift for that special someone.  I've compiled the best gifts for your partner in 2017, that are also timeless.  I steered away from trendier presents that are temporarily in-style but instead focused on the gifts that keep on giving (no pun intended), and would also be your loved one's top choice even if they are the trendy type.

I decided to start with the men's style picks but if you are here for women's style scroll towards the bottom. Every item is below $400 and doesn't sacrifice quality even with some of the great prices! Disclaimer:  this is my first time taking a stab at this using Shop Style and because they are an affiliate marketing program, I get a little side cash when you shop through my links! 

Soho Mini's Gift Guide - Men's Style

1. The Sports Jacket. 

A Sports Jacket can fit a multitude of styles.  I chose these because they can be easily worn to the office or a night out on the town.  They won't be let down with a gift like this. #DapperAF

2. A Classic Timepiece.

This is the first gift I ever got for my boyfriend (3 1/2 years ago) and he still loves it today.  I went with a Movado, but any of these brands are great to choose from.  Just remember to try to choose a brand that specializes in watch making.  There's a lot of designer brands that you're paying the bulk of the price for the label versus. how they are made. 

3. Dress Boots.

How amazing do these look for your babe?  I personally love when I see mine in something classier on his feet, especially for date night. They'll thank you for upping their game with these.

4. A Leather Wallet.

A leather wallet is timeless and the best gift for your partner.  They use it everyday (hopefully sometimes on you) so make sure its durable. Leather is the best material for this.

5. The Briefcase (With More Than One Use).

Most if not all of these briefcases have a multi-use strap and/or also convert into a backpack.  Perfect for work, going to the gym, or commuting, they will absolutely adore you for this!

Soho Mini's Gift Guide - Women's Style

1. Face Masks (You're Welcome Babes).

Literally a gift that keeps on giving for your skins future, which is why I chose some of the top skincare masks out there. If you want to go the extra mile, I would throw in a bath bomb, candle and bottle of wine in a cute basket, but make the mask you choose the shining star.  Also, I can promise you will get lucky that night ;)

2. Heels.

Because I will always appreciate a new pair of heels and so would your babe. 

3. A Scent from Santa.

Turn on:  When your SO chooses a perfume for you, it's hard to explain why but it just is.

4. Because Everyone Needs a Going Out Bag.

HECK, we could use a couple.  Extra kudos to you if you choose a neutral bag (pretty much any of the bags above) that can be used for night or day time.  A good cross-body is so necessary in her wardrobe and they'll thank you for it!

5. For Your Workout BAE.

Last but not least, and my favorite gift option, workout sets! These sets (some do not go together, I paired them for you) will make you feel great whether you're at the gym or chillen' in your athleisure style outfit. Each top goes with the leggings directly to the right of the top. 

And now it's time to wrap it up--literally!

Let me know what you end up choosing or anything you thought I missed in a comment below! 

xox Soho Mini