Summer 17' Best Sales

Photo By:  Joseph Franzese

Photo By:  Joseph Franzese

Bookmark this post for next summer on where to snag some of the best designer clothes for the cheapest price.

You might be saying to yourself, 'it's a little late for this...' but actually, it's not. It's the PERFECT time to make a mental note on what brands dish out the best deals and I've done that for you here, you're welcome!

This one is pretty standard but if you haven't heard of LF, they are a trendy/fashion forward boutique that have several locations across the US.  They are well known for their crazy 60% off sale at the end of summer and winter.  It's THE ONLY sale that they have each year, so I always make a point to stop in and look for some trendier pieces for my summer wardrobe or even simple staples that I need, like t-shirts or jeans.  My Parisian white cropped smock shirt is from there, and I was able to wear it a couple times before the season was over. Definitely a top that is for going out, but you can wear high waisted pants and a bomber over it for a more casual look.

My denim skirt is from Zara that I snagged for $12.  This I felt was the best buy of the summer because A. the price but also B. it is an A-line skirt that I will get SO much use out of.  Denim skirts are a bit of a trend but it really depends on how you wear them. I'm excited to pair them with my knee high boots and sweaters, because who isn't obsessed with fall?  Even though this was from their summer sale, I know I will get more use out of it than just one season.  This is super important to think about when you're shopping in general.  This piece is easy to make more casual like I have, by just adding a pair of tennis shoes or you can dress it up with a pair of booties.  

Although this doesn't technically count as a summer sale win, I love my Adidas Super Star Shoes  because they aren't just a trend, they're always in style.  Everyone should have a pair of white tennis shoes that are comfortable for you, because they help in making any look more casual and of course, walkable. I love these because of the quality AND how easy they are to clean.  

Hope you add these into your must shop mix for end of summer and possibly fall!

xox - Soho Mini

Photo By:   Joseph Franzese

Photo By:  Joseph Franzese